It is said that the origin of point engraving on glass can be traced further back to the Ancient Roman times. Since then glasses and tools for engraving have been gradually improved to high quality in response to changing times.

The patterns inscribed and expressed all by hand are really delicate, beautiful and attractive. Because it takes so much time to express shading and realistically, the artwork with hand-crafted engraving is not mass-produced. I use several techniques such as line engraving, stipple engraving and other engraving techniques, and express the feeling of shadowy and a three-dimensional effect, and, moreover, textures inherent in the object.

Line engraving is most used among my art works, creating a flat surface by engraving thin layer of lines.
In stipple engraving, fine dots are softly hit on the surface of glasses from the height of about 1-2 mm above the glass by using a pen especially made for stippling. With the density of the dots marked, the patterns are expressed on glass. This technique has been rarely used by artists in the world because it is extremely hard and time-consuming. Consequently a large piece of art work with stipple engraving is less likely to be created.
Some of my works I have produced are inscribed with stippling technique only. If you approach closer, you will be able to realize much more how delicate.

The glasses inspired a new will with my engraving, are making an unforgettable message to all viewers. Some will represent liveliness, quietness, peacefulness, and emotion as if real flowers bloom…

Line engraving

Stipple engraving